Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On Crap.

Not good enough, not disciplined enough, guided by manager with great hair who makes team decisions based on tarot cards -- take your pick, any of the three seems a plausible part of the explanation for Inter's toothless 180 minutes against Liverpool.

[And, as I type this, Mancini gets Pele ready to go on with 15 minutes left. Pele. I rest my case.]

Inter had three great chances, but they didn't finish; virtually every corner and free kick was wasted by Stankovic, Ibrahimovic and Chivu. For at least the fifth time this season (with Burdisso twice the guilty party), they had a player sent off early for a second yellow. And Mancio continues his bizarre attachment to Vieira and Stankovic who, despite his desperation to perform, has been largely ineffective, even when he manages to get fit.

[Ah, here comes Suazo for the last 10 minutes, now that Inter need four goals. Superb.]

Not good enough, either on the pitch or on the bench.

There was one positive, though: Rivas hit a laser pass from sideline to sideline that was moving so fast it nearly killed Stankovic when he tried to take it on his chest. That was pretty awesome.

[85th minute, Jimenez for Stankovic. When Mancini is asked to explain his substitutions, do you think he'll have the balls to say "fear?"]

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